Jena Ruby Setup: Mac OS X


The JRuby Downloads page offers various forms and versions of JRuby. Unless you're interested in modifying JRuby, all you need is the "JRuby x.y.z Binary .jar". See for a quick rundown on how to use it.

The following notes and code are based on my local configuration, so you will have to make appropriate accommodations. After installing JRuby, I set up a nearby jena_hax directory:


Downloads, etc.

You'll need to download a few files and store them in jena_hax.

  • jena.rb

    jena.rb is a small (~200 line) library that provides Ruby bindings to Jena.

  • jenabean

    jenabean uses Jena's flexible RDF/OWL API to persist Java beans.

Here are some helper scripts I wrote. Save them as files in jena_hax, then adjust the path and file names appropriately.

Here's rj, used to start up jirb (JRuby's version of Interactive Ruby):

# rj - run jirb
# Set up PATH, then run jirb with a simple prompt.

jirb --simple-prompt

Here's js.rb. We'll use this in jirb to bring in jarfiles, etc:

# js.rb - jena startup code

home  = ENV['HOME']
jlib  = "#{home}/...ARQ or Jena directory.../lib"
patt  = "#{jlib}/*.jar"
files = Dir.glob(patt) + %w[ jenabean-1.0.5.jar jena.rb ]
files.each {|file| require file } 

Finally, make rj executable and grab a copy of song.owl:

% chmod +x rj
% curl > song.owl

Trial Run

OK; let's make sure that things are working:

% rj
>> require 'js'
=> true
>> m = Jena.create_model
=> #<Java::ComHpHplJenaOntologyImpl::OntModelImpl:0x6e8e76>
>> m.write(System.out)
    xmlns:owl="" > 
=> #<Java::ComHpHplJenaRdfModelImpl::ModelCom:0xc93cf5>

If that worked, you can wander off to some Jena_Ruby_Hacks. If not, get in touch and we'll try to figure out what went wrong.

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