SMW+ Setup

Semantic MediaWiki+ is an enhanced configuration of MediaWiki, containing:

  • "enterprise" features, such as access controls

  • access to semantic web technology, including triplestores.

Examining the SMW+ download page, it appears that there are two ways to install and run SMW+:

  • Install Microsoft Windows (possibly under VMware, etc); install and run an integrated copy of SMW+ inside it.

  • Install a Unixish operating system (eg, Linux, Mac OS X); install and run SMW+ and all of the needed prerequisites.


SMW+ is basically a "stack" of web software (Apache, PHP, MediaWiki, ...), with a few extras thrown in...

HowTo pages



  • "MediaWiki"
    Daniel J. Barrett; O'Reilly, 2008
    ISBN 978-0-596-51979-7


SMW+ User Forum

For more information, see the following pages in the SMW+ User Forum:

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