SWP Setup Notes

Semantic Web Programming (Hebeler, et al; Wiley) assumes a particular setup, including:

  • Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), version 3.4
  • Java Software Development Kit (SDK), version 1.6
  • Joseki (SPARQL endpoint for Jena; recommended)
  • Pellet ontology reasoner, version 1.5.2
  • Protégé ontology editor, version 4.0

Tool Interactions and Roles


Protégé uses Pellet as a reasoning plugin. It uses Graphviz to support the OntoViz (Ontology Visualization) plugin. An application can access Pellet (or other reasoners) by means of:

  • the OWL (Java) API, supported by Protégé
  • the Jena (Java) Semantic Web Framework
  • SPARQL, via Joseki and Jena


Although Appendix F of the book provides general coverage of the installation process, it cannot serve as a HowTo for every possible operating system. So, I'm trying to assemble notes on how to set up these tools on specific platforms. I created a HowTo page (see below) for Mac OS X and have asked for help in creating others.

Because we're creating a stack of software, the order of some installations is critical. For example, everything requires Java. Also, before starting, be sure you have a few GB of free space on your system disk.

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