Semantic Web Programming - Chapter 5


  • Install the necessary infrastructure (eg, Eclipse, Java, Jena, Pellet), as described in SWP Setup.
  • Download and unpack the example code for Chapter 5 from the downloads page.

Create the project in Eclipse

  • Start Eclipse.
  • Select "File > New > Java Project".
  • Use "SWP Ch. 5 - InferenceExample" as the "Project name:".
  • Check "Create project from existing source".
  • Drag the "ReasoningExample" folder to the "Directory:" field.
  • Click "Finish".

  • Select "Eclipse > Preferences".
  • Navigate to "Java > Compiler".
  • Select "Compiler compliance level:" 1.6
  • Click "OK".

  • Select "Eclipse > Preferences".
  • Navigate to "Java > Installed JREs".
  • Select "JVM 1.6"
  • Click "OK".

Configure and run the program

  • Select "Run > Run Configurations...".
  • Click on the "(x)= Arguments" tab.
  • Enter "test/mammals.ttl Turtle test/out_none none" for "Program arguments:".
  • Click on "Apply".
  • Click on "Run".

At this point, the program should run, creating the file "test/out_none". However, I've seen situations where the file does not show up in Eclipse's Package Explorer (and selecting "File > Refresh" doesn't help). However, the file will be viewable in the Finder, Terminal, etc.

Here are three configuration settings:

  • test/mammals.ttl Turtle test/out_none none
  • test/mammals.ttl Turtle test/out_rdfs rdfs
  • test/mammals.ttl Turtle test/out_owl owl

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