ERb Handling

Embedded Ruby (ERb) is a technique for embedding Ruby code into other types of documents. The combination is then processed, executing the embedded code and generating (typically) a Ruby-free document.

ERb is typically used in Ruby on Rails apps to generate HTML and YAML files, but it can be used to good effect with other text-based file formats, including CSS, CSV, and JavaScript.

Here is a usage example:

<%# Foo/main.html.erb - view for Foo main window #%>

<%= render(:partial => 'head',
           :locals  => { :title => 'Foo' } ) %>

    <%= @ht.get(:main) %>

The Plugin Framework's implementation of this technique can be found in _Framework/Common/Code/lib/Ruby/pf_erb_view.rb (eg, erb_files, render).

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