Multi-level Event Handling

Multi-level Event Handling (Meh :-) is my Ruby-centric approach to handling user events. Relying on the speed of SketchUp's communication protocols, it performs only minimal activities (eg, show/hide content) in JavaScript. Further diminishing the need for custom JavaScript code, Meh relies heavily on jQuery and jQuery UI.

Any user activity which could affect the behavior of the plugin (eg, clicking a checkbox or a button) is forwarded to an appropriate Ruby callback. These are divided into two categories:

  • Actions, typically tied to links or buttons, cause the plugin to do something.

  • Updates, typically tied to checkboxes, radio buttons, tabs, or text areas, cause the plugin to record the new setting (eg, in a hash). In some cases (eg, tabs), they may also cause the plugin to perform an action (eg, call execute_script to add content to the tab).

This approach is used in all of my plugins that use WebDialogs, eg:

  • CFCL/Public: Draw Ruby 2 (ERb), Model Viewer

  • Igloo/Public: Product Editor, Report Maker

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