Example Plugins

I have written several example plugins using the Plugin and Dialog frameworks: a few variants of "Draw Ruby" and one of "Model Viewer". I have also written a production suite of plugins (Product Connect).

To reduce repetition, each of the accompanying web pages builds on concepts presented earlier. So, please study the examples in order:

Draw Ruby

Each of the Draw Ruby plugins draws a stylized 3D image of the Ruby logo. This isn't particularly useful, but it lets them demonstrate ways to handle user interaction:

  • Draw Ruby 2 comes in three versions (ERb, File, HTML).
    Each version uses a static, modal dialog to request user options.
    The versions differ only in the way they create the dialog.

Model Viewer

Model Viewer is both an example and a tool. As an example, it demonstrates the use of dynamic HTML content and a number of cute programming tricks. As a tool, it allows SketchUp modelers and/or developers to examine various details of component definitions and instances.

Product Connect

The Product Connect plugin suite was developed for Igloo Studios. The plugins store and retrieve product information from annotated Components or Materials, using a specific set of Attribute Dictionaries (eg, Product_Connect_PE)

The Product Connect distribution contains several plugins. Roughly in order of increasing complexity, these include:

  • Report Maker - generate reports (eg, schedule spreadsheets)

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