Wish List

Although MV is already useful, it's clearly incomplete. The following sections discuss some possible solutions.


Viewing (meta-)attributes is useful to developers, both in understanding SketchUp's built-in behavior and in debugging plugins. On occasion, however, it would be useful to edit attributes.

I expect to add this capability at some point, but there are some design issues that need to be resolved. Mostly, they have to do with issues like handling undo/redo.

Entities, etc.

MV only displays information about components (and materials that are attached to their faces). Interesting and useful information may also be available from other parts of the Model (eg, Edges, Faces, Materials).

Method results

I created MV's palette of method results in an informal fashion. After skimming the API pages for "interesting" methods, I worked out ways to present their results.

So it's quite likely that I missed some possibilities. Adding methods is generally quite easy; if you think of one I should add, please let me know!


At present, MV works from a static snapshot of the model, generated when it is launched. It would be nice to have an "update" button.


MV could harvest and present hints and warnings, allowing users to improve their models. For example, it could report on heavyweight components, mid-face edges, and unpurged entities.

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