SketchApps Wish List

This page is a grab bag of things I'd like to do for SketchApps
(including the Plugin and Dialog frameworks).


  • port development and support tools to Microsoft Windows

  • reload plugins on code changes, ala Rails, Rerun, and Shotgun

  • support "helpers", as in Rails and Sinatra

  • support a "settings" API, as in Sinatra

  • convert single quotes automagically for JS transmission

Harvesting of Model data

  • add options (eg, instances, meta-attributes, which dictionaries)

  • harvest metadata from any entity (eg, groups, layers)

  • look into "lazy harvesting"

Model Viewer


  • add ability to display any dictionary

  • add ability to edit attributes

  • add a TreeMap viewer, based on D3


Complex components can cause the Attributes tab to load slowly. An informal check indicates that most of the time is spent on:

0.114  create HTML for tab
0.019  push HTML to client

Both of these times could be reduced by some form of lazy loading. For example, instead of creating and pushing HTML for the whole tab, each disclosure triangle could load a single "level" of content.

Dialog Framework

Look into using various add-on libraries as part of the JavaScript infrastructure, including:

  • HTML alternatives and extensions (eg, HAML)

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