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Dialog Framework Any SketchUp plugin that uses WebDialogs in a serious way will require substantial amounts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. There are also some...
Extension Framework SketchApps' Extension Framework (EF) builds on the Plugin Framework, but uses a slightly modified architecture. The revision was prompted by a...
Plugin Framework Goals SketchApp's plugin framework attempts to make plugins easier and safer to create, manage, etc. It is implemented by files in the _Framewor...
SketchApps, per se The Dialog and Plugin frameworks have their own sections, so this section covers "everything else", eg: * Connascence * Conventions * ...
Modules, etc. Overview The Plugin Framework (PF) attempts to keep plugins from clashing with other Ruby namespaces (eg, other plugins, Ruby, SketchUp, and PF its...
WebAdmin This page serves as a parent for most of the Web* pages.
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