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Welcome to the Projects web

This Web contains publicly readable wiki pages and sub-webs for projects belonging to Rich Morin. They have been made available in the hope that they may be interesting and/or useful to others and because outside perspectives are often extremely useful:

When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.

-- "Winnie The Pooh", A. A. Milne

Notes on Document Mechanization

Rich is very interested in the use of mechanization to augment and organize documentation. That is, get the high-level information (eg, purpose, theory) from humans; harvest the low-level information mechanically.

"Machines should work; people should think." - IBM

Project Notes

Very Active

  • Access - explorations in accessibility (e.g., tactile maps)

  • AxAp - an "accessibility application" for digital content

  • NoBat - a biomimetic navigation aid based on echolocation

Somewhat Active

  • Arborescence - explorations in polymorphic, tree-like data structures

  • AutoCoda - explorations in mechanized documentation

  • Clojure - explorations in Clojure and related (eg, JVM-based) tools

  • Coding Idioms - explorations in tooling for dealing with coding idioms

  • Codeq - explorations in Codeq and related documentation tools

  • Connascence - explorations in connascence, coupling, etc.

  • D3 - explorations in D3 and related visualization tools

  • Datomic - explorations in Datomic and related database tools

  • Elixir - explorations in Elixir and related tools (eg, Erlang/OTP)

  • Guitar - information on acoustic guitar-friendly venues, etc.

  • ISLE - related to work (for ISLE) on Inductive Process Modeling (IPM), etc.

  • NB, SPARQLy - explorations in GUIs, single page apps, SPARQL, etc.

  • Neo4j - explorations in Neo4j and related tools

  • NuPIC - explorations in CLAs, HTM, NuPIC, and related topics

  • Ontiki - an Ontology-aware Wiki

  • Ruby - explorations in Ruby and related tools (eg, RubyGems)

  • SemWeb - information and notions related to the Semantic Web

  • SketchUp - information and notions related to SketchUp and, in particular, its Ruby API)

  • YAGO - information and notions related to YAGO

Here is an informal visualization of topic relationships in a selection of the active webs:

Relatively Inactive

Arti explored notions in harvesting and presenting metadata on Ruby and Rails code. Morinfo was mostly a thought experiment; a number of its notions are still under active consideration.

DT_Logger and Spect are infrastructure for collecting information from running code. RubyKif is infrastructure to support PowerLoom's KIF variant in Ruby.

Model-based Documentation (MBD) discusses Rich's general approach to document mechanization. It also provides links to relevant resources (eg, books, software, web pages).

STEMS is Rich's infrastructure for tracking code and data files in a running MBD system. It should be able to document and manage relationships in a network of data files and processing nodes, automate processing based on changes, support introspection and "branch/version" comparison, etc.

  • Arti - toolkit for inspecting and monitoring Rails (and, more generally, Ruby) software systems

  • DT_Logger - configurable data logging suite, based on DTrace and intended for "set and forget" operation

  • Merbiana - explorations in Merb (Ruby-based web framework)

  • MBW - Model-based Wiki

  • Meta - proposal for integrating System Metadata with System Documentation

  • Morinfo - mechanized documentation for operating systems

  • PDFinder - a partly-baked idea about indexing the WWW's PDF files

  • ReMedia - exploration into indexing of media

  • Spect - a (nascent) suite for declaring and checking expectations
    (eg, of variable and method use) in Ruby

  • STEMS - a System for Tracking, Extrapolating, and Maintaining Statements

  • Template - a template for Project (etc) webs


  • TWiki Demos - link page for a Tech Talk where Rich demonstrated some favorite TWiki features

Alphabetical Index

This wiki page is maintained by Rich Morin, an independent consultant specializing in software design, development, and documentation. Please feel free to email comments, inquiries, suggestions, etc!

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