YAGO Exploration

Using one of the YAGO demo pages, we can explore the ontology a bit. To avoid being overwhelmed, let's pick a relatively unknown topic (Gaviota State Park) as our starting point.


Turtle sees everything as RDF triples (ie, Subject, Predicate, Object). However, it's more convenient for our purposes to think of these as attributes, outbound links, and inbound links.


Predicate                     Object
=========                     ======
<hasArea>                     "1.128E7"^^<m^2>
<hasLatitude>                 "34.48"^^<degrees>
<hasLongitude>                "-120.2"^^<degrees>
<hasWikipediaArticleLength>   "6135"^^xsd:integer
<wasCreatedOnDate>            "1953-##-##"^^xsd:date

Predicate                     Object
=========                     ======
<hasWikipediaUrl>             <.../Gaviota_State_Park>
<isLocatedIn>                 <Santa_Barbara_County_California>
<isPreferredMeaningOf>        "Gaviota State Park"@eng
<linksTo>                     <California>
<redirectedFrom>              "Gaviota"@eng
owl:sameAs                    <.../Gaviota_State_Park>
rdf:type                      owl:Thing
rdfs:label                    "Gaviota State Park"@eng
skos:prefLabel                "Gaviota State Park"@eng

Subject                       Predicate
=======                       =========
<California_State_Route_1>    <linksTo>
<Gaviota_Tunnel>              <isLocatedIn>

The following diagram ignores the attributes, but shows the selected node and its immediate neighbors in the graph:

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