VARCACHE{ attributes } -- cache the results of Foswiki macros in selected topics for faster page rendering

  • Syntax: %VARCACHE{ "24" }%
  • Supported attributes:
    Attribute Comment Default
    "..." or
    Cache refresh period in hours (maximum age of cache). Accepts decimals, such as 0.25 24
    cachemsg="..." Message shown when looking at a cached topic. Use $age to indicate the age of cache, $link to indicate the refresh URL This topic was cached $age ago ([[$link][refresh]])
    updatemsg="..." Message shown after a cache refresh. Use $link to indicate the refresh URL This topic is now cached ([[$link][refresh]])
  • Example: %VARCACHE{"168"}% caches the current page for 7 days
  • The standard Foswiki format tokens are supported in cachmsg and updatemsg.

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