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General Books on Type and the MBTI

The following books are some of my favorites on the general topic of Type and the MBTI.

  • Gifts Differing, by Isabel Briggs Myers with Peter B. Myers (link)

  • I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You, by Roger R. Pearman & Sarah C. Albritton (link)

  • Let's Split the Difference, by Susan Nash (link)

  • Life Types, by Sandra Krebs Hirsh & Jean M. Kummerow (link)

  • Personality Type: An Owner's Manual, by Lenore Thomson (link)

  • Still True to Type, by William Jeffries (link)

  • Neuroscience of Personality, by Dario Nardi (link)

  • People Types and Tiger Stripes, by Gordon D. Lawrence (link)

  • Was That Really Me?, by Naomi L. Quenk (link)

  • Work Types, by Jean M. Kummerow (link)

Profiles of Specific Types

Books on Temperament

  • Please Understand Me II, by David Keirsey (link

  • Personality Lingo, by Mary Miscisin (link)

  • Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to Temperament, by Linda V. Berens (link)

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