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References and Resources

Do you prefer being organized and following a schedule, or playing it by ear? Are you energized by being around people or by spending time alone?

Whatever your type is, it affects all aspects of your life. Find out your type and how knowing more about it can help you in communicating with people, planning your future, and even getting to know yourself better.

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Additional Resources

I blog about Type and have posted a few presentations, etc on my ProjectsAndPosts page.

There are many resources; these are a few of my favorites.

Reliability and Validity

Personality is qualitative and therefore difficult to measure, so psychological instruments cannot have the same consistency you would expect from, say, a ruler. But there are generally accepted standards for psychological instruments. The MBTI® instrument meets and exceeds the standards for psychological instruments in terms of its reliability.

Read more about the reliability and validity of the MBTI.

Scientific Studies and Articles

My MBTI Type is INTJ. We may not ask for the data first, but if we're interested in the theory, we do, eventually, want to see the data that backs it up. My background is also in science, so I'm very pleased to know that scientific data is starting to support Jung's theories! I'm especially pleased (as an Introvert) to learn that there seem to be clear neurobiological differences between Introverts and Extroverts. (No, it's not "just cognitive function attitudes". :-)

I collect links to BiologyOfType that talk about the science. Enjoy.

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