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The Tarot of Type and Temperament (TTT)

One of my interests is learning as much as I can about Psychological Type and Temperament. I also collect Tarot decks, both for the art and for the interesting symbology. One day, I had an inspiration. Tarot has a lot in common with Type and Temperament.

The idea for The Tarot of Type and Temperament was born.


Good thoughts are often not unique. After coming up with the idea of a Tarot deck for exploring Type and Temperament, I found these notes online.

The Tarot Has Its Own System of Personalities

You have probably noticed that people tend to fall into types. Their traits cluster together in familiar ways. We sometimes give these clusters names, such as "loner," "dreamer" or "life of the party." Psychologists have devised elaborate systems that categorize types of people. The popular Myers-Briggs is one such system.

The tarot has its own system of personalities represented by the 16 court cards - the King, Queen, Knight and Page of each suit. In lesson 3, you learned about the four suits and court card ranks. These are the keys to understanding the court cards because the personality of each one is a combination of its suit and rank.


Minor Arcana


An Ace announces the themes of its suit. ... An Ace always represents positive forces. It is the standard-bearer for the best its suit has to offer.

Middle Cards

Each of the middle, numbered cards presents a different aspect of a suit. ... A card may approach an idea from several angles.


A Ten takes the themes introduced by an Ace to their logical conclusion.

Court Cards

The court cards are people with personalities that reflect the qualities of their suit and rank.


Numbered cards

The numbered Tarot cards reflect everyday life situations while the Tarot Court Cards reflect personality-types


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