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In late 2011, I was RIF'd from Yahoo! after 5 years as their internal wiki specialist. For the next few years, I worked on freelance projects such as technical editing jobs and wiki-building. I also began substitute teaching in the local school districts, preferentially choosing middle school and high school math classes.

Eventually, I realized it was time to get back into programming full time. In my years employed as a programmer, I have particularly enjoyed writing data filters and creating tools that parse and munge data. I used to do this in Perl, but Perl has been waning.

Many years ago, my masters' thesis project involved an analysis of microbiological data featuring programming, statistics, and graphics. I have also enjoyed working in biotech firms were I can leverage my science background. So, I was searching for "data" and "science" jobs... hey, Data Science fits well!

But what did I need to add to my skill set?

I did a web search, read several reviews, took an assessment, and enrolled in Springboard's Data Science Career Track. Now it's time to learn Python!

Data Science offers me a chance to get back into science as well as data munging. I am looking forward to learning more about Python, pandas, and data science techniques.

My GitHub repo is at vlbrown/Springboard. Note ha the Python code is in Jupyter Notebooks (.ipynb files) which render inconsistently in GitHub. If they just keep spinning and you can't see them, the code is in this wiki also.

Mini Projects

Along the way, several of the units in the Data Science Career Track require various MiniProjects to be completed and submitted.

Capstone Projects

The Data Science Career Track requires two capstone projects.

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