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Lab Bench

Hints, Tips, Tricks, and techniques in TWiki land


  • NotePad - "comment" based notes page.

Comment Plugin


RenderList Plugin




Linking to Attached Files

  • Once a file is attached it can be referenced in the topic. Example:
    1. Attach file: Sample.txt
    2. Edit topic and enter: %ATTACHURL%/Sample.txt
    3. Preview: %ATTACHURL%/Sample.txt text appears as:, a link to the text file.

  • To reference an attachment located in another topic, enter:
    • %PUBURL%/%WEB%/OtherTopic/Sample.txt (if it's within the same web)
    • %PUBURL%/Otherweb/OtherTopic/Sample.txt (if it's in a different web)

  • Attached HTML files and text files can be inlined in a topic. Example:
    1. Attach file: Sample.txt
    2. Edit topic and write text: %INCLUDE{"%ATTACHURL%/Sample.txt"}%
      • Content of attached file is shown inlined.
      • Read more in IncludeTopicsAndWebPages.

  • GIF, JPG and PNG images can be attached and shown embedded in a topic. Example:
    1. Attach file: Smile.gif
    2. Edit topic and write text: %ATTACHURL%/Smile.gif
    3. Preview: text appears as Smile.gif, an image.




Using Colors

Color Variables

  • YELLOW = looks like this bold
  • ORANGE = looks like this bold
  • RED = looks like this bold
  • PINK = looks like this bold
  • PURPLE = looks like this bold
  • TEAL = looks like this bold
  • NAVY = looks like this bold
  • BLUE = looks like this bold
  • AQUA = looks like this bold
  • LIME = looks like this bold
  • GREEN = looks like this bold
  • OLIVE = looks like this bold
  • MAROON = looks like this bold
  • BROWN = looks like this bold
  • BLACK = looks like this bold
  • GRAY = looks like this bold
  • SILVER = looks like this bold
  • WHITE = looks like this bold (with gray background)


spanning STYLEs (inline CSS)

Font Size

Overriding the (standard) sizes of headers can be useful in skins that define third and fourth level heads to be the same size by default. :-(

        Default level 4 head

    ---++++ <span style="font-size: larger;">Larger size</span>

        Larger level 4 head

Text Decoration

    <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">strike-through</span>

Highlighting (background-color)

    <span style="background-color: #FFFF33;">highlighted text</span>
        regular text, highlighted text, more regular text

Use <div> to highlight a complete line

Graphics, Icons, Dingbats

From TWiki.TWikiPreferences

  • %B% %B%
  • %H% HELP
  • %I% IDEA!
  • %L% %L%
  • %M% MOVED TO...
  • %N% NEW
  • %S% PICK
  • %T% TIP
  • %X% ALERT!
  • %Y% DONE

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